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Unit 5, Lessons 1-4 have now been graded. If you wish to fix your code and request a re-grade, here are the rules:

  • The request must be in writing on a standard piece of paper. (NO EMAILS)

  • The request should be clear on what you want regarded (use my grade book titles).

  • Each grade may be regarded only once.

  • The request is due between now and the end of the school day 12/20/17 at 2:45PM.

    If you wish to discuss the program(s) with me. You may do so at lunch or after school Monday-Wednesday at lunch and after school in room 704. Or after school on Thursdays in room 608 (Lab).

  • Calendar Updated 12/05/17
  • Student Syllabus
  • Download Flowchart Software
  • AP Course Description - College Board Document
  • Programming Rubric


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    Making the Blue LED

    Google Search


    A Better TCP?


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    Hexadecimal Worksheet Blank

    Hexadecimal Worksheet Key

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